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reeferman 04-08-2017 02:49 AM

Samsung UN55J6200AFXZA no backlight/video
Update: bad screen.

This LED Samsung is 14 months old. While viewing, the screen went black but there was still audio. A quick check showed no back-light or video.
I ordered a complete repair kit from SHOPJIMMY.COM (power, main, T-Con, remote and Wi-Fi boards (take-outs)).
I installed the first set of replacement boards and the audio, visual and back-light were now ALL dead. I pulled the ribbon between the main and T-Con boards and all the back-lights light. Reattaching main board to T-Con killed back lights. Reinstalling the original main board restored the audio. Still no back-lights or video.
A call to SHOPJIMMY got a second repair kit delivered pronto (no hassle, great service so far).
Installed the second set of replacement boards and again no back-light or video. I’ve yet to check audio. Pulling the ribbon between main and T-Con produced back-lights.
I have yet to connect a DVD as a sound source to check audio.
If all boards are "good", what else might possibly cause the problem?

tubetwister 06-25-2017 06:34 AM

if is not remote or timer see below .

Tip : put menu on at remote .flashlight the panel in a darkened room if menu present then TCON and logic,logic feedback and mainboard are presumed fine and instead faulty in panel LED bar /strips or SDC volt rails PSU /LD board section fault lie some open T3 Tansistors && and likey also failking/over voting LED lamps wher the truble started if thge set turns on at all and statys on or not ,seen it bith ways even though wew arent supose to

The usual tell for bad LED lamps before a DC shutdown like you have is transient and random whole panel or uneven quadrant ir LED banning panel * light dimming ,

thats falling in panel LED that can take out LD board section and maybe mainboard like my Sony , I had those faults in my 2015 Sony 4K HDR un55X850C I fixed .

this better new Sanung Direct FA01 panel code binned >> Sanung Un55 KS 8000 /800D replaced but I was getting the same Samsung upgrade by now anyway and the new one was free on the Sony ext.warranty instead ,

Samsung 55KS800D msrp last year was $2499.00 Q1 on the bw one but way les now if you can find one which is unlikely give how good and well reviewed they are , These are no briner one of brightest flagship panel TV;s @7000:1 conrast and 1474 NIT HDR and 8000 NIT tone mapping, thats insane and 2000 NIT over brightest TV- HDR transient peaks.

If TV is an old school CCFL/LCD TV most likely a CCFL inverter board EZ stuff

On operation shutdown or no power on /start up it is something like the power aka PSU /LD board in an LED/LCD TV noting on small TV it can be with mainboard combined ,may be CAPS and more or oit on the faulty board ,bulged caps or not .

Outside of some PC panels mostly separate boards , if its an older type CCFL panel old school LCD you may additionally have short in the DC current to AC current inverter board for the panel lamps shutting it off .(usually constant or quickly )

What may need
DVM ( digital volt ohm meter) vdc and gnd, readings from the right boards and all this from a very skilled working tech ,

Funny anecdotal not about above :

If you haven't had the pleasure as I ......TBH . you may not like going in a lethal 1960's roundy or the later CRT TV with nude pickers , touch the wrong things in there (or just near them ) and irritate the CHE` you gonna schooled about electrocution in the *HARD way you never seen outside of lethal AC current potentials, the chair ,a Sony Trinitron 50 KV or 10-15a + 100KV Iridium spark plug automobile coil that may change your life if you are still alive but most folks live to tell about it and sometimes a few times like me on most of this but we wont forget what it felt like 50 yrs later

reeferman 10-26-2017 01:01 AM

I cut my teeth on RCA CTC15s.

mstaton 10-26-2017 10:10 PM

try removing the ribbon cables between the LCD panel and the t-con and see if the backlights come on. If so, try connecting one ribbon at a time.(You may get a half an image) Sometimes one half of the screen has an issue. On some TV's the backlights wont come on if the t-con detects an issue with the panel

reeferman 10-26-2017 10:28 PM

Bad screen.

mstaton 10-27-2017 11:11 AM

Well that sucks. I repair a lot of flat screens and bad screens are pretty common

reeferman 10-27-2017 12:54 PM

Not all was lost.
I converted it into a 55" light source.
I removed all boards except the combo SMPS/driver board.
Works like a champ.
The light comes on when plugged in wall outlet. No internal on/off switch necessary.

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