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electronjohn 09-25-2016 10:40 AM

Zenith lovers in MN or close
Figured I'd get the ball rolling on hurry since a few things need to be taken care of before the set can be moved. What I have is a Zenith Avanti. It's been in the family since's the backstory: My late father-in-law was getting ready to watch a big game one Sunday afternoon & became upset with his TV. so...he picked up the phone and called the TV guy in our town & asked if he could bring him his best set...right now:) Don from the TV shop said "sure"...jumped in his van & went down and plucked the Avanti right off the showfloor, brought it over, pulled out the old set, set up the Avanti and all was good. My FIL peeled off the hundreds and gave Don a nice tip and was happy happy happy.

After he passed, it became ours and was our daily watcher for years. There are some issues, though:
That funky preset channel selector started "kachunking" randomly through the channels when you'd select a different channel. Sometimes it would randomly stop...sometimes keep kachunking til you turned the set off, turned it back on & started over. Finally got tired of this routine, so a different TV tech made a house call & got it stopped on Channel 3...and we used the VCR as a tuner. Good.
Then, a few years later, the vertical collapsed to a thin line & we decided that it was time for a new set...and the Avanti became the temporary stand for a 31" RCA. At the time of the vertical failure it was still producing a good picture, so I assume the CRT is still good. Condition-wise, the faux woodgrain top could use some work, and there's been some discoloration to the white finish from sun damage or something. AFAIK no cracks in the molded plastic base. I also have a couple of Space Command remotes for it in a box somewhere.

The problem is that I live about 130 Mi WNW of the Twin Cities...getting it to a new owner could be problematic. That's why I'm floating this out there now to give plenty of time for arrangements. There's a possibility that I could get it to the Twin Cities somehow, so a meet might be arranged. Dunno. I'll also try to shoot a few pics & post them. No need to commit to the set quite yet, but I wanted to gauge interest & we'll take this one step at a time.'ll be cheap. Real cheap:)

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