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bgadow 10-29-2009 11:21 PM

Pruning the Collection
Fall is here, perfect time to prune your trees, perfect time to prune my collection? I hope so!

I really don't expect to get rid of many of these. Heck, I'd be kind surprised if I got rid of any of 'em! These are cash and carry, no shipping. Under the right circumstances, there is a limited delivery area. Quantity discounts apply. I am open to trades. Photos and more info upon request. Here goes!

Admiral Nova II 19" bw portable (late sixties) works $5
Admiral 19" bw portable, late sixties, works, $5
Airline (Admiral/Taiwan) 12" color portable, hybrid, '74. 2 available, the nicer one is $15, the lesser is $10. Work with poor color.
Andrea 16" console, early 50s, good 16GP4B, recapped, kinda works but has issues. Cabinet had doors but they are missing, needs refinishing. $40
CBS Columbia 15" table model (rectangular) early fifties, has label on back about color converter. Untouched. $35
Emerson portable, this is one of their mid-50s sets that looks like a portable phonograph. Blonde fabric covering, untouched by me. $35
GE 10" bw from late 40s, weak 10BP4 (but not dead) very rough cabinet. Untouched. $15
GE C2 chassis hybrid color sets, one 18v, one 19v. The 18 is from '71, doesn't work very well, $10. The 19 is a little newer, has some markings from being a rental set. Was working well when stored but it was dropped slightly so may have loose tubes? $10
GE SD chassis 12" bw from '66, I think this worked but might have audio problems. $5
GE AC chassis 13" color set from early 80s, works fine, free
Magnavox 19" bw portable, solid state, mid-70s. Works but a cap was smoking when I powered it up. $35
Motorola 21" bw console, '54, blonde, flip-down lid over screen, very fifties in design. Recapped. Has a horizontal drive/yoke issue of some sort. $35
Motorola 21" table model, cheap, series string, missing back, was working decent but might need minor attention. Partially recapped. $15
Motorola 21" console, '60, marginal crt but not bad. Swivel base. Basically works but something died in the video circuit. (couplate?) $15
Panasonic 12" bw tube chassis "Speed-o-vision" works, c.1970, $5
Panasonic AM/FM/5" TV (bw) '78, flip up screen, portable, I tossed the old battery packs because they were busted. Got dropped and has small crack in back of cabinet. Was working, haven't tested it again. $15
Philco 21" bw table model, c.1956. Brightener on crt. $5
Philco 19" bw table model "Woodstock" early 60s, VHF only, recapped/works. Series string. $15
Philco Seventeener, later sixties model, works, $5
Philco 12" bw tube chassis, mid-60s, works $5
Philco-Ford 12" bw, '73, orange "mod" styling, works fine $10
RCA 641TV combo with radio/phono/10" tv. 630 chassis, TV is on top. Cabinet is rough. Chassis is a Crosley version, fits fine, I have done nothing with it. Good 10BP4. $75
RCA 721TS, a project. I have recapped this, played with it and played with it, cannot get the vertical to run. Cabinet has some issues, not terrible. Comes with good 10BP4 (not currently installed) $35
RCA 8-T-241 10" bw table model from '48. Cabinet needs work. Also, '49 version of same set, same way. (can't recall model number, get readily get to it) One has a bad crt (might be fixable, no emission when I tested it) the other is fine. Mix or match, with bad crt $25, good crt $50 I have done nothing with either set.
RCA 2T51 12" bw from about 1950. Bakelite case is solid, needs detailing. Missing speaker assembly so a sub must be wired in to make up for the missing choke. Good crt but picture won't focus. With some tinkering this should come around. $40
RCA CTC-42A portable, dirty/rusty but works $10
RCA CTC-53 18" color hybrids and at least one which is the older chassis that looks similiar. Got a stack of these, all very dirty, probably some corrosion on the chassis. I told zenithfan I would save a good crt for him (you thought I forgot, didn't you!) Anyway, they are all free.
Sears 9" bw portable from mid/late 60s, works. Can't turn sound all the way off. $5
Sears 13" color, 1979, assembled in USA, works $8
Silvertone 21" bw console, 1953/54 deep cabinet, untouched by me except to test the crt which was very weak. $15
Sony 9" bw model 9-51UW, project, apart in a box. (I forget what the issue was) $5
Sylvania Halolite console, about 1960, conservative cabinet, very dirty, no back, good light and crt, otherwise untouched. Free.
Sylvania 21" color table model, 1974, solid state. Needs minor repair (vertical is jumpy) but otherwise very clean and with a great picture. $20
Teknika 13" color, 1983, varactor push button tuning with electronic remote, Wells-Gardner sourced. Works great. $15
Zenith 19" bw portable '68, works decent, wrong knobs, $15
Zenith 17" color portable '69/70, some rust on metal parts, needs a filter cap (which I will include, I just haven't installed it yet) otherwise wants to work. $5, I have another one in similiar shape but working, I think it had something like a vertical defect, same price.
Zenith 14" color portable '71, works, wrong knobs I suspect, some weather damage $15
Zenith 19" 4-tube color, early 70s, the guy who gave it to me said it needed a damper socket. $5
Zenith 13" color portable, c.1980, was working great but something has it dead, plus I screwed up the focus control. Very strong crt. $7
Variety of tube chassis 12" bw sets (GE, RCA, Magnavox, Philco-Ford, JVC) all for free

zenith2134 11-11-2009 10:20 PM

If I was local. I would grab the Teknika, the ctc-42, and the SS Sylvania 21". I had a '72ish color Sylvania 23" iirc all SS but too far gone for me at the time. The crt is black matrix i believe and can look superb.

bgadow 11-13-2009 12:46 PM

That Sylvania was still on the sales floor at my friend's shop; no telling how long. It had been marked down several times. I decided to bring it home and try to sell it from here, and if nobody wanted it I figured I could keep it. Too nice for something to happen to it. It had an intermittent video which I traced to the last repair it had. When they put the back on they didn't line up the service switch just right and they ripped it out of the board just a little. Enough to open the circuit and give a negative raster. Fixed that. Neat thing about this set is it has no external adjustment for vertical hold, not even sure if it has one on the chassis? They had confidence! I was given advice on the repair, just haven't taken the time to try it. A very capable little set.

I really wish some new collector would come along locally-I could set him (her?) up with an instant collection!

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