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radiotvnut 10-28-2009 09:56 PM

Need Panasonic flyback # KFT3AB074F
Fits a 20" '97 Quasar TV/VCR combo. I've seen the same chassis in some Panasonic and RCA sets. The only place that list the part is Tritronics and it's NLA and too expensive even if it was available.

Right now, I'm really mad at myself because I recently tossed two or three of these boards that had a good flyback on them. It seems like I never need something until I toss it! If anyone has a new or used one on hand, I'd be interested. Otherwise, to the trash this TV goes.

I'll post the model number tomorrow, if that helps. The chassis is flat and the power supply board mounts directly behind the main board and VCR deck. The tuner is also on the power supply board. Any help is appreciated.

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