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Jon A. 10-15-2017 08:44 PM

NOS? ViewSonic E771
It could be a TV if hooked to a tuner box with a VGA output so no need to split hairs and say I posted in the incorrect sub-forum, if I even did that.

This was bound for the scrap heap but was offered to me first. The cabinet is nicer than the photo makes it look.

Where's the dust? I doubt it was ever actually used. No doubt the CRT is strong.

Apparently the CRT was supplied by a Taiwanese company, not too shabby. I doubt the Chinese had the skills or resources to produce something like this.

Up and running without a hitch. Again the camera doesn't do it justice. The only caveat is that it has no stand so I put it on top of an empty Lenovo case (whose guts I still have for a future PC build). I had a flat screen monitor that suddenly died back in June and was using a back-up unit that had no stand and was propped against the wall. I also had another flat screen without a power supply, and last but not least I love the good ol' CRT so here we are.

MadMan 10-15-2017 09:19 PM

I'm rockin' the later flat-screen version of that monitor. ViewSonic G220fb. Mine's black instead of beige, but looks otherwise identical. I'm very happy with it.

Also, in all my years, I've yet to see a weak computer monitor crt. And I've seen lots. I've seen monitors so old and abused, filled with dust and crumbling, but the crt worked. I've seen some with so much burn-in that they were completely unusable, but still bright.

Also, I like how the tube has warnings in English and French, but it says something else in German, and it was made in China.

"intrinsically safe cathode ray tube according to system 3 x-ray regulation"

Ich bin ein Berliner.

Jon A. 10-15-2017 11:17 PM

Man, the G220fb is a sweet looking monitor.

It's good to know something about the durability of computer CRTs. I guess the inline gun/dot mask combo was the perfect pairing. I used to have a ViewSonic A71f+ that I ran almost 24/7 causing pretty bad phosphor burn because I did not use a screen saver and eventually using up the caps. However, still bright as you said.

I don't know about the CRT itself having been made in China, the name is of a Taiwanese company which I believe was having CRTs built in Indonesia at the time (April 2000).

Lasst sie nach Berlin kommen.

dishdude 10-16-2017 12:20 AM

I think it's easier to make an indestructible CRT that's 15" than 27".

Hawkwind 10-17-2017 06:13 PM

Sorry, no title...
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View-Sonic I had was black & sliver. I left the decal above the controls on. Text/Game/Video...

Electronic M 10-17-2017 08:17 PM

The place I had my first internship with still had some of those monitors in use ~3years ago.

Jon A. 10-17-2017 11:57 PM


Originally Posted by Hawkwind (Post 3190923)
View-Sonic I had was black & sliver. I left the decal above the controls on. Text/Game/Video...

Looks as if it might be the 19-inch version of the one I ran into the ground. I don't recall a decal but it did have an "UltraBrite" button.

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