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Olorin67 02-04-2017 10:34 PM

Hallicrafters Portable and other Vintage Tvs in Wisconsin
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Over the holidays, i was able to see my great uncle's estate which is being cleared out. He was a TV repairman and Motorola/Quasar dealer in Edgerton and Milton, WI.

he had a few vintage sets that he kept, I dont know if he restored them.
. The most interesting is a Hallicrafters 7" Portable with push button tuner.
the case is in very nice shape. This set will be sold to the Best offer.
There is also a 1952 ish RCA upright Tv with doors, one of the better models, one of the first with a rectangular tube (probably 17") the cabinet is really nice, photofinish doors are pristine. Asing $50.

also a Works in A drawer Motorla Console from late 60's/Early 70s. this is still hooked up in the den and probably works. Vintage Motorola Works in a drawer brocures included. They are asking best offer.

there are a few pieces of test gear, oscilloscope, Color analyizer, and a few smaller items, and a few boxes of TV tubes, including 60+ 5U4s
Also a 1938 Philco console radio, one of the nicer ones, and a couple loose 27" CRTS for 80's vintage? Quasar sets? (condition unknown) a few cameras and stereo components also.
Also a 80's vintage 27" Quasar console free if anyone wants it.
if any of these items interest you, PM me and I can provide contact info of the estate Executor, and send you more photos.
All items are in Milton, Wi, between Madison and Janesville right off I-90.

Electronic M 02-04-2017 11:01 PM

Does that WID have the same control panel as this one?

If so then I'm interested.

Olorin67 02-06-2017 01:48 PM

More Photos
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Here are more photos of the Motorola WID set:
There are more sales Brochures also, not shown. The Service literature included says Chassis TS 915/ 919. Original owners manual and service/guarantee book included also.

Olorin67 02-06-2017 02:02 PM

More stuff from the Hoard:
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More sets: a Quasar 19" set from 1985- Free if you want it.
a Contec set, looks early mid 80's also free.
A big 27" late 80s? Quasar console (working) free
NRI signal generator with manual - make offer
Quasar top loading VCR with Knob Tuners
2 tube Oscilloscopes, one is complete, one a parts chassis.
Compact Motorola stereo (late 60s) with built in BSR mini changer and speakers.

Olorin67 02-06-2017 02:12 PM

50's RCa 17" console
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This one is nicer than it looks in some of the photos, ignore the spots from dust on the camera lens.
I really like the back of this set.
electrical condition unknown, i dont know if he repaired or restored these sets. youre welcome to test the CRT before making an offer.

EdKozk2 02-06-2017 02:20 PM

I'm interested in the Quasar VCR for my son.

Electronic M 02-06-2017 02:22 PM

PM sent on the VCR, and Hallicrafters.

Kevin Kuehn 02-06-2017 04:13 PM

The RCA console is a KCS 66A chassis with a metal 17GP4.

Olorin67 02-06-2017 07:20 PM

More Items: Quasar/Panasonic CRTs
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There are more items. There are two loose CRTs' both the same I think. These are from Quasar sets, I think they are 27" I didnt see a normal number on them, just the part number. These are free if anyone wants them. Yokes are still attached. These seem like they may be the same tube used in the 1980s console in the living room, he may have saved these from scrapped sets as spares for his own TV.
other photos of are an early 50's rca empty cabinet.

Olorin67 02-06-2017 07:27 PM

Still More - 1949 Philco Phono/radio and Webcor RTR
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This 1949 Philo looks fairly nice, the record changer is the one year only design with a second tonearm for lps.
I have a lot more photos of the Webcor Reel deck if anyone is interested in it.

EdKozk2 02-06-2017 07:44 PM


Originally Posted by Kevin Kuehn (Post 3178097)
The RCA console is a KCS 66A chassis with a metal 17GP4.

If the chassis is a KCS 66D then Sams shows a 17QP4 glass crt. Found in Sams 169.

Kevin Kuehn 02-06-2017 09:45 PM


Originally Posted by EdKozk2 (Post 3178122)
If the chassis is a KCS 66D then Sams shows a 17QP4 glass crt. Found in Sams 169.

Could be. And even if it is a 66A it may well have been updated later on.

John Marinello 02-07-2017 08:28 AM

The museum has both, 17GP4 & 17QP4 listed.

Olorin67 02-08-2017 11:11 PM

He sent me more photos of the color analyzer(sencore) and a tube tester (b&k?) I'll post them tomorrow.

Olorin67 02-10-2017 11:09 PM

More test equipment
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There are 2 VTVMS, a tube tester, and a color analyzer, and a Heathkit Cap checker. And a big outdoor antenna.

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