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7"estatdef 12-12-2010 02:19 PM

Thinning the herd
Have got a few sets I don't think I'm going to get around to.

1 1950 Zenith porthole 24H20. Got it about 5yrs ago. Replaced a few caps in the power supply and the horizontal and got it "working" Has sound and picture but osc it off frequency as it has 3 or 4 pics side by side. Has 16GP4 crt. Set is complete with back cover and has blonde cabinet. Cabinet has some loose veneer and will need to be refinished. Crt insulator has some cracks but works fine. Have Sam's for it.
Pic here:
Would like to get $100 for it

GE model 810 Haven't done anything with it since I got it. Nice looking cabinet has some scratches but could be polished up and look great. Complete with back cover but is missing the GE logo on the front and has one miss matched knob. I don't have a crt tester so I can't tell what kind of shape the tube is in. When I bought it I was told it was working. I'm gullible. Pic here: $75

RCA 630TS It's an early one with 3 mounts for the safety glass and channel 1. Same as the GE I got it and haven't done any thing to it. Is missing the back cover and the channel selector knob. Cabinet is good and strong but will need to be refinished to look nice. Is a 1"x 3/4 chip in the veneer on the left side of the cabinet. Pic here: $125

Crosley 9-407 It's a Dumont chassis with a continuous tuner. Built like a tank. Cabinet is fair could be polished up to look good. Has one miss matched knob and is missing the back cover I think may have it somewhere. Haven't done anything to it. Pic here: $95

Zenith Porthole 28T960 Mayflower 1948 Cabinet it rough with large veneer chips. Chassis is rusty. Set is pretty complete I have the knobs and other parts for the front of the set as I removed them to do some repair work to the cabinet. It maybe a parts set or if you like to do a lot of work it could be a nice set.Pic here: $95

RCA AXR120Y 1985 B/W portable Good condition Pic here:

Any questions shoot me an email. Prices are flexible. Pickup Only! Located near Phila Pa.
TNX for looking!

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