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rca2000 12-19-2009 04:05 PM

come and get them!!
Like many others ehre--I need to get rid of some things. Most I will GIVE AWAY, as I need the room for others things, like a couple of nice console stereos and a CTC-44 set. And a LOT of them...I just got to 'save them" from a packer truck and the final 'journey afterwards" to the dump.

SO....let me know--and make arrangements to come and get them. Some, probably many are "buried' and I will need help/time to "get to them".

First...a 1965 RCA combo, ctc-16, with the "hybrid stereo". All there, CRT intact, has a short in B+ line causing breaker to pop. free to a GOOD HOME--IOW someone who will NOT just "gut it.

23" Zenith 1970-71 model, rusted chassis, I THINK a 14Ac950 or such. I had a pix of it some time ago on a thread. Free.

A Zenith console BW set, perhaps 16H27 or such. Missing speaker only, a 6X9 PM. Free.

Roundie,. CTC-15 philco brand. Cabniet rough. intact internally. Free.

A 14" Zenith set, 14CC16 or so, all there. condition unknown. Free.

13 or 15" GE "YA or "YC" chassis set. Missing cord. Free.

CTC-40 set, rust on rear of chassis, rough cabinet. Table model, complete. someone here wanted this, but I could not find out who it was. free

Zenith console stereo. P-P 6bq5 amp. Fair cabinet. free.

edison64 12-19-2009 09:33 PM

that philco may intrest me, what model????

rca2000 12-19-2009 10:05 PM

Don't know the model #, it was given to me on a "run' about a year ago. it is a 'consolette' style, right now with no legs. I think the tube has cataracts, but is intact. the front looks a bit different from an RCA, but the chassis is quite like a CTC-15.

I doubt you can tell much, but in the thread about the "cincy motorola pickup, the philco set is in my garage shown, on the extreme right, bottom, and has a couple of table model color sets on it (the 4 tube Zenith set , or the Zenith BW set on top of it -- NOT for sale, they are the ONLY one of those I have right now...) However....a CTC-68 RCA console, , I think, not visible from the front of the garage...IS available for free, it has a pretty nice cabinet, and was another "save".

Bill R 12-20-2009 08:18 PM

Wish I were closer to Cincinatti, there are several I would like to have. I would like the RCA combo, the CTC40 , the Philco and the Zenith stereo console. Just to far away as usual.

matt_s78mn 12-21-2009 10:52 AM

The Philco roundie used to belong to me. It was a fine set but had a bad cataract and a rough cabinet. Someone on the forum here has that same set but as a combo I think. rca2000 could you PM me with more info on the 14" and 23" Zeniths? Thanks.

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