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Jon A. 07-24-2014 09:29 PM

Dude, you ought to just get this one by any means necessary. It's not like you would be trying to have a console or even a 19" table set shipped. Money comes and goes every microsecond of every day, but not these, or any older item we're trying to get.

Robb 07-24-2014 09:31 PM

I emailed and no response !

tvcollector 07-24-2014 10:20 PM

I bet if anyone local were to stop by and offer $25 cash they would except it.. If not $35 is still a good price... Maybe a collector can get it for you, and properly pack it to ship...

If you contact the seller directly and ask them to ship, there is a big chance they will refuse..

Jon A. 07-24-2014 10:29 PM


Originally Posted by tvcollector (Post 3110720)
If you contact the seller directly and ask them to ship, there is a big chance they will refuse..

That's what I was thinking. Kijiji warns against online transactions as there is no buyer/seller protection on that site, probably the same with CL. Best bet is for jstout to pick it up.

baursam 07-25-2014 12:54 AM


Originally Posted by Robb (Post 3110717)
I emailed and no response !

It took me 24 hours before I got a response, and interestingly enough he was agreeable to shipping, so if you do make contact, you might have a chance at this.

tvcollector 07-25-2014 02:07 AM

I've gotten some people on Craigslist to ship smaller items like this (Ceiling Fans).. If I tell them they will have payment before they send out the item.. But seeing how this person is in Canada, and the Portacolor is is here in the states, they may be more hesitant..

playdrv4me 07-25-2014 05:28 AM

You better get that...

jstout66 07-25-2014 06:58 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Here is a pix of the 68 Portacolor

jstout66 07-25-2014 07:06 AM

and it's sold....

snelson903 07-25-2014 09:02 AM

This has gone on so long that now i want a portacolor tv .:scratch2:

dieseljeep 07-25-2014 10:08 AM


Originally Posted by dieseljeep (Post 3085706)
The first thing I did with my P/C, after trying it out, to see how well it worked, was remove the back cover.
Even though, I've worked on them before, I wanted to see if any repairs were done on it before and the dates of manufacture.
I still have to repair the antenna terminal board, where the UHF terminals were pulled loose. Easy fix! And replace the rod antenna that is kinked.
Every day, wear and tear.
BTW, The newer chassis using the high focus voltage CRT's, don't use the hated .1 mfd, 1200 volt boost filter. :D

Quite a while ago, but I made a mistake in my observation of the boost cap.
It was still used, till the end of production, but it was no longer on the PC board. Now, it's mounted on it's own terminal board on the HV cage. I haven't replaced them yet on my 10HE's. They're probably a little better quality, as they're considered to be a safety cap. :scratch2:

baursam 07-25-2014 10:29 AM


Originally Posted by jstout66 (Post 3110746)
and it's sold....

Did you scoop it?? Ad is still up but that doesn't mean anything these days!!

jstout66 07-26-2014 08:09 AM

a buddy of mine got it. Since it's his set, I'll let him post (he's a member here )
From my understanding tho, it works great. Better than the 1975 version I gave him that needed work.

baursam 07-26-2014 06:21 PM

Glad to hear it went to someone on here!! I still can't believe the price, 35.00 for a working 68!!!!

Jon A. 07-26-2014 06:51 PM

No kidding, that is a freakin' steal for anyone who wants one.

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