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Adam 09-04-2017 12:34 PM

1966 Zenith console stereo
This is one of the early all solid state ones, with the transistor sockets. It has push-pull output and 8 speakers, but it's not the really high-end one with the separate chassis for the amp. I partially recapped it (basically I changed the electrolytics that were coupling caps and the speaker crossovers, but not the power supply filters). I also changed one transistor in the left channel that was bad (not the output). The stereo works great. I took apart and lubricated the changer. It will play a record ok, but if you actually try to use it as a changer it doesn't always start the record in the right place. Comes with the original owners manual. - $100 pick up in Madison WI SOLD

DavGoodlin 09-05-2017 12:11 PM

That same receiver chassis and micro 2g changer is in a 25MC36 color combination set I have. the amount of re-cap you did was more than adequate. I had a Y942, 1968 model very similar, and sold it working quite nicely.

That receiver is a 29NT20 chassis, only second tier from the TOTL "320 watt" separate amp. Many lower-priced models were sold but few are seen anymore.

Oddly, Zenith exaggerated power output beginning with the SS models. Magnavox was only slightly more truthful with their numbers.

Adam 09-05-2017 08:41 PM

My original plan was to have 3 console stereos: my 1961 Zenith in the basement, and 1963 3-channel Motorola in the living room - both of which are the TOTL models, and I was going to put this one in the garage. But I found out yesterday I can't put a console stereo up against the back wall of the garage and have enough room to fit my Grand Marquis in there and shut the door! But this '66 Zenith is a great sounding console, I used it as my main stereo most of the time I was in Lansing.

I'm also looking for a 19" Zenith color table set with the 4 tube hybrid chassis and the SC500 remote - if anyone wants to do a trade...

Adam 09-07-2017 03:19 PM

I can deliver it to the fall etf on Saturday if anyone wants...

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