View Full Version : Small (portable?) TVs in ohio

03-26-2005, 01:48 AM
ok,i normally stick around the B&W TV section or the early color forums,but i figured i'd let you guys know of some decent buys (or at least i think)i work at a thrift store part time (ohio thrift in columbus ohio,my store is located on Broad street,right next to Alliance Data Systems and just past where Hamilton crosses Broad) and i've noticed we get a fairly decent amout of TV sets in..the latest few that i keep catching myself looking at but not buyin are : this small (6 inch?) black and white ford philco,a small magnavox (about the same size)another B&W philco and a TV that resembles my childhood TV set to a T! (even has the saftey glass and the little tool inside the trap door for adjustments) and i thought i'd pass along this information to anyone who's looking for some decent (portable?) TVs.i'd say almost every 2 weeks we get 2 or 3 sets in from someone who just didnt want them anymore and they're usually decent older ones,not late 90s throw-aways.if i can stop by my work with a camera i'll try to get some shots of the good ones to let you guys know what i'm talkin about here to see if it's worth messin with.just wanted to give ya guys a jump on the gun :naughty: