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07-24-2017, 07:14 PM
Sales flyer for Theatervision front projector. Apparently used a Sony Trinitron receiver and optics to project on a curved screen.

Electronic M
07-24-2017, 09:05 PM
That had to be 1971 or later. They show a Sony VO-1600 which was Sony's first U-matic deck introduced in 1971 (I own one).

07-24-2017, 11:09 PM
I actually have a Sony front projection TV from the late 70s, KP-7220 I think. It has a glass top to use it as a coffee table and it has a curved aluminum screen. Not sure what to do with it.......

07-26-2017, 09:01 PM
mrs dave thomas of wendys fame gave a friend and co worker of mine a similiar had a sony receiver and a sliding base to enlarge the picture.weighed a ton and we carried it up from a finished basement.he sold it on the street.she was a really caring woman and when he expressed that having it would be a dream,she said take it.we did and he got a couple hundred dollars for it.about 8 years later,i was offered a free one and passed.picture wasnt good and heavy.heavy.heavy.

07-27-2017, 10:43 AM
I wouldn't have any interest in one of these makeshift projection TVs, but if anyone finds one, the curved aluminum screen would be worth saving if it's in good condition. There are plenty of 3 CRT front projectors with damaged, or missing screens.

I have a Sears (Sanyo) and a Sony which could both use new screens due to scratches.

07-27-2017, 11:42 AM
In 1976, those Theatervision units sold for $1995.

Kiplinger's Changing Times Magazine had an article about them in October 1976, and Popular Science had a similar article (more of a how-to) in November of 1977. Both are available on Google Books, full view.

I remembered the PopSci article from my teenage years - I had an ex-hospital Sony 17" set I so wanted to convert, but had no room in my 12X14' bedroom...never did get to build the "Personal submarine" either...:tears: