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Hello! I've been a broadcast engineer and television production instructor for quite some time now but I'm relatively new to tube tech. A friend gave me a 1953 GE 21C141 and things escalated quickly after that. The GE works well and it gets almost daily use. My 3-year-old refers to it as simply "the old TV". I have a number of old tube radios as well... RCA, Aircastle/Monarch, and Philco. My most recent acquisition is a 1952 Midwest CV-20/NV-20, which as I'm finding out is fairly rare.

A few photos are attached... the GE is showing the classic Superman II (via AppleTV, HDMI to NTSC converter, and RF modulator), and a photo of the Midwest the day I picked it up. Someone added a greenish lighting gel to the inside of the glass at some point, which I have removed.

07-13-2017, 12:25 PM
Since it seems like this is just an area of the forum to say "hi", I posted my question about the Midwest model in the proper location. I'd appreciate any information from anyone who might be able to help!

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