View Full Version : NBC Brooklyn color studio 1954

07-06-2017, 03:42 PM
NBC press release photo for opening of the Brooklyn color TV studio.

Note it was a time exposure and has some "ghost" people.
Also noteworthy - most color cameras are on pneumatic pedestals, but one is on a simple tripod dolly.

david c long
07-06-2017, 06:52 PM
Very impressive ! Thanks for posting .

Eric H
07-06-2017, 07:19 PM
If they turned all those lights on at once the actors would probably burst into flames!

07-06-2017, 07:41 PM
The lighting level for TK-41 cameras was nominally 400 foot-candles (4306 lux). The NAB engineering handbook recommended installing cooling capacity for a heat load of 100 watts per square foot of studio space.

[For comparison, sunlight is somewhere around 6700 foot-candles (varies with angle of incidence).]