View Full Version : Trying to Find a Zenith Module Cross-Ref.

06-23-2017, 10:24 AM
First time poster...

I have a nice collection of Zenith TV chassis modules (yellow boxes) and boards that I want to sell, but I'm wondering if there is a "where used" list available that would give me an idea what TV models the parts are used on. Does such a thing exist?


Electronic M
06-23-2017, 11:05 AM
IIRC the CRSP book (which another member posted on video karma elsewhere) does that in reverse...IE look up your TV chassis/module and see which ones are compatible.

Your probably better off selling them as a lot. There are maybe 1-2 dozen TV collectors that like modular SS stuff who would bother to fix it, and we only need a module once in a blue moon...Most of us just buy a case or two cheap and bank on finding use for the rest....I see huge lots of of modules in donation (give the club what you can't sell and won't bring home) auctions at radio swapmeets regularly. Another consideration is that the duds needed to be returned in box, and it can be hard to tell dud that never got returned from freshly rebuilt...Many of us will only buy say a $10 lot of 50 modules as a gamble since any more cost and it is likely cheaper to fix the dud modules we have, and there are not worth wile parts to scrap off the modules acquired.

06-23-2017, 04:32 PM
If you post the 9-### or 150-### we can probably associate
most of them to a chassis family. Modules are very hard to determine
if they are REALLY new or rebuilt so sell them as unknown. Also
most lots I have seen also contain "useless" boards such as
tuner control, spacephone, zoom etc. Dealers that didnt control
there inventory ( MOST ) got stuck with thousands in this stuff !

BTW if you have a 9-57-VCR module PLEASE let it be examined
so "new" ones can be made. It was used on the beloved flat chassis
so a VCR would work proper on it. Its a blank board with another
newer board on it.

73 Zeno:smoke: