View Full Version : Transvision 7 inch kit question

06-22-2017, 02:46 PM
I recently purchased Vaughn's 7 inch Transvision kit TV. I'm trying to gather as many schematics and variations as possible so that I can identify roughly when the kit I purchased was built. There were a number of changes and modifications made to the Transvision circuit over the few years the 7 inch kits were offered. (3 channel vs 5 channel vs continuous 13 channel tuners, different sweep circuits, AM vs FM sound etc).

Anyway I found a schematic, with the 3 channel tuner, that shows a 955 acorn type triode used as the local oscillator. I'm guessing it is the earliest, or among the earliest, versions of the kit. Has anyone here actually seen a kit with the 955, or any set using a 955 for that matter?