View Full Version : Teletone tv 208

05-15-2017, 03:11 PM
Hi all , does anyone have a print of the teletone tv 208 , I believe it's the 95-6 because there are several chassis made and it's very confusing. I have set 90 folder 11 and there are to many differences between that SAMs and what I have. This set don't have a ballast and it has the round plug from the IF chassis to the sweep chassis . :scratch2: one problem is that mine don't have the door that covers the front but I'm hoping that it would be the right schematic. There are 3 or so SAMs for this same set, it's crazy. :drool:
I cannot get the horizontal to fill the left and right side of the screen after changing and checking all resistors around the horiz section so I'm thinking that there is a mica in that section that may need to be changed like I had similar problems with Motorola sets until I changed the Micas, problem then solved.