View Full Version : Admiral 30A14 Cabinet Window Question

05-13-2017, 04:59 PM
Now that it finally warmed up I am refinishing the cabinet on this set. It has the normal clear glass in front of the CRT, and there is a tinted piece between the clear glass and the CRT. I dont see it listed on the parts list but know they updated this model a lot. Is that tinted piece original? If not original, would there be any sane reason to leave it there? All I can think of is I have to run it brighter to make up for it being there. Thanks!

05-15-2017, 10:52 AM
I don't know if it's original but I've seen sets with tinted safety glass before. They made tinted variations of CRTs too. It was to cut down on glare.

05-15-2017, 12:48 PM
Yes, I've seen a lot of (factory original) tinted safety glass in the past.

I've also seen (non factory) blue-tinted vinyl inserts between the CRT and the safety glass. Not sure why the users put them in there. They don't have the same effect the red/blue/green fake color appliques did for the old B&W sets.


05-15-2017, 03:26 PM
OK, sounds like most likely not original as it is a plastic. It seems like if it was original it would have had tinted safety glass. I try to leave things in if they are original but I'll take it out when I put it back together.

This was a fun set to work on. It was quite a bit of work but easy to see improvement as I replaced each part. It actually has good sound which doesnt seem to always be the case with them, from watching Bandersen's videos.... thanks for those videos!