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04-10-2017, 11:11 AM

I thought I'd introduce myself. I'm the Collections Officer (not the bad kind) at a municipal museum in Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada. My background is as a conservator and collections manager so as a result I'm responsible for maintaining a whole range of collections items including audio and video equipment as well as their media where it fits our mandate.

I've always had an interest in analog equipment and media, somewhat being the last generation to experience non-digital growing up in the 1980s and 1990s. What has brought me to the forum has been research into an Ampex VPR-2 unit held by my institution from the now closed local television station. I've been searching online and emailing enthusiasts, collectors, retired engineers, and businesses to find out everything I can about the Ampex unit and the Type C format. I have experience with consumer analog formats, some basic more-than-consumer equipment, digitisation/migration of analog content (part of my job), and knowledge of the preservation of analog/digital content, but nothing on the level of the VPR-2.

As the research progressed varying options presented themselves for how to proceed, including: refurbishing the unit, purchasing a new unit, and outsourcing the migration of the 60+ 1" reel contents. After speaking with a variety of people, possibly some of the forum members here, and getting some really great information and advice it looks like outsourcing the migration is the likely the best course of action. Between the costs of each option, my lack of knowledge of maintenance for something like the VPR-2, the dwindling sources of parts, etc., and the experience needed to run units such as the VPR-2 it looks like I'll be writing some grants for outsourcing!

While I may not be getting into the hands-on VTR side I'm very happy I was pointed to this forum by one of my contacts. I've been taking a look through the forums and there is a wealth of information as well as a very enthusiastic member base. I look forward to popping in when I can to see what is going on!

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Welcome! A wealth of information is to be had here.

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Howdy from the Great Plains of Nebraska.

Jon A.
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Greetings fellow Canuck, and good on you for clearing things up right away.

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Welcome to VK!