View Full Version : 2017 ETF Convention registration now open

01-09-2017, 01:37 PM

Can't wait!! :banana:

01-09-2017, 01:40 PM
Cool! :smoke:

01-09-2017, 04:15 PM
Wish I could go. Hoping to make it in 2018.

01-12-2017, 11:22 AM
Looking forward to it, one of my favorite things about May!

01-12-2017, 02:51 PM
I wish I could this year but I'm putting in NOW for 2018, and I will have a 14-foot trailer in tow:)

On a lookout for a 15" Dumont how 'bout it...Dieseljeep? Also 1960's Motorola Color 19-25", Philco 21" color or Westinghouse 21" color clones???

02-01-2017, 01:53 PM
Just booked rooms for 4 of us at the "Super 8 Columbus West," which is on Feder Road, just off Hilliard Rome Rd. The nice thing is that it's just past all of the restaurants eliminating the need to double back to get to the hotel when you need to eat...and only 4.5 miles from the museum (about 3.5 miles past the roundabouts). Got a great rate through Priceline of $68/night for a double queen.

Might be fun to fill this hotel up if you have not gotten your room yet. Last year having to unhitch and hitch up a trailer every night at the Knights got to be a pain in the ass (there were no parking spots large enough)....

02-04-2017, 07:07 AM
Hoping to make it out there in a couple of years after I retire.

02-07-2017, 05:40 PM
This will be my last year attending I think. Get rid of the remaining sets and move onto my record collection. Will still be nice to see everyone though...

Crist Rigott
04-12-2017, 10:48 AM
Wahoo! I just booked my attendance. This will be my first Convention.

Steve McVoy
04-20-2017, 07:05 AM
2 weeks until the convention. If you plan to attend please register now.