View Full Version : Predicta 10L43 flyback questions

Tony F
12-19-2016, 12:08 PM
Hello, I just joined this site and have a few "flyback" questions. The Continental I picked up had the HV cage crushed and the flyback is questionable. The rest of the chassis is very good. Most of the wires from the flyback to the HV cage socket were disconnected. I'm going to attempt to upload some pictures of it and the plug. I put a piece of paper around the fine wires and numbered them 1-5 and highlighted them in pink sharpie. The wire or should I say "stub" number 4 has broken off and has about 1/16" sticking out, (it is highlighted in blue).
I am going to attempt to attach a small length of #31 or #32 magnet wire to the stub. I guess my questions are: What leads go to what socket tabs ? and what should the resistance be between the various wires ?
Ignore the colors on the socket picture as they are just for the wires that come from the chassis. Also, I have a picture from another gentlemen s web site that shows it from a different angle, but you can't see the wiring order. I can probably count on looking for a replacement flyback.
Thanks to all in advance..

Electronic M
12-19-2016, 12:45 PM
Have you located the sam's (or factory schematic) for it? I believe you can download a copy here:

Assuming none of the leads broke flush with the winding, and you have a steady hand and a bit of soldering experience with magnet wire, it looks quite fixable to me. Using the resistances for the fly windings in the sam's for the fly will likely be the most accurate way of IDing the leads.
If the transformer was good before it's cage got crushed then it probably is still good, provided you get those leads reattached to their correct terminals.