View Full Version : Element EWL20S5 won't power up

11-20-2016, 08:52 PM
Let me start by saying that I have very limited knowledge in TV repair.

I acquired an Emerson EWL20S5 LCD TV. The set wouldnít power up. When the power switch was operated the red power light would light up and immediately go back off.

I suspected the backlight inverter board. After removing and inspecting the board, and checking the capacitors and diodes in circuit, they all seemed to be OK. I searched the internet and found only one used board and was not totally sure that it was the same so I didnít order it.

At this point I took the board out of the set again and on closer inspection I found solder flux tracks in several places. It didnít look as though there had been any repairs to the board so I assumed that the tracks were left over from when the board was manufactured. I cleaned up the flux with alcohol and reinstalled the board. Much to my surprise, the TV worked.
My question: can solder flux conduct electricity. If not, Iím lost as to why the TV is playing now.