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11-04-2016, 09:31 AM
I have two friends that are big time old radio traders. I do their repair work. They brought me 3 BIG boxes of an unbuilt color tv kit. Included was a new 25VAP22 color crt. The other two boxes are parts of the kit to be built. One box has instructions to mount the crt to the front panel that says Heathkit on it. There is also a little tester of some sort to be built. I think there is at least one more box with assembly instructions and more parts. They will be making more trips to Louisville, Ky where they are getting all the radios from and looking for more kit boxes. I would build the kit if I had the complete kit. If not I don't know what to do with all the new parts. Cannot stand the thought of trashing a new color crt or the complete hi voltage assembly. I'm open to suggestions.

Richard Mc Kinney WB4VFN

11-04-2016, 11:07 AM
What parts are missing? Do you have the schematic for it? If it is missing electronic parts, might be able to still build it. Then you could make a custom cabinet for it.

11-04-2016, 11:35 AM
I recently built a set (Heathkit GR-900) that matches this description, and have a fair number of spare parts available. The build thread is here:

If this looks like your set, let me know what parts you need, and I'll see what I have available....

Jon A.
11-05-2016, 12:58 AM
Get a TV cabinet that has been the victim of a hipster project and build the set into it. Take before and after pics and upload them somewhere the public will see them. That'll show 'em. ;)

11-05-2016, 06:40 AM
Very cool. :yes:

11-10-2016, 08:16 AM
The guy was on the VA program when it was halted. He only had 3 of the 5 boxes for the GR2000. I had to buy the remaining 2 and a CRT. This was back in '81 or 82 or so. I think I spent another $200 to be able to finish the set. It was my first color set and the GR2000 was the first set to have on-screen channel and time display, which was pretty cool at the time.

11-15-2016, 01:48 PM
For what its worth, I have an SCR sweep module for a Heathkit, looks similar to an RCA XL100.

11-19-2016, 08:47 AM
Don't know about other models but the GR2000 converts very easily to video input with just the addition of an video op amp, a regulator, and a few resistors and caps.

El Predicta
11-20-2016, 02:05 PM
I have all the modules plus some other parts for that set. They're free if needed.