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10-26-2016, 06:44 PM
I had to pick this little thing up off a Craigslist ad seeing how it was cheap and local, and that it has it's original 300 remote.. It was the seller's grandparents set at one time, and they said they used it up until recently with a converter box in their garage until it stopped working.. I powered the set on and none of the tubes light, and the only life it has is the channel motor runs when I depress the channel selector on the set...

The photos can be viewed here until Photobucket decides to work..

10-26-2016, 09:39 PM
I also noticed I put this in the wrong category.. If someone could move the thread and delete this post.. Thanks...

10-26-2016, 09:50 PM
I have this exact set.

10-26-2016, 10:19 PM
That's neat.. I found a thread through google search of another member that also has one too that seems to be in better condition than ours.. I wonder if these are series strung sets and how reliable the gear driven channel changer is..

Electronic M
10-27-2016, 06:53 AM
The power tuning systems in Zenith are pretty bullet proof, but you gotta lube the motor shaft...It not only turns but also extends to create gear mesh, and the grease tends to become glue as it ages. Hit it with some WD-40, manually work it, then let it run on it's own if it can. Once it is loose/free put some new grease on it.

Nice Kitty BTW.

10-27-2016, 09:24 AM
The answer is there is a power transformer. That model was from 1965. All the best,Tom.J

10-27-2016, 11:31 PM
That's a new one to me and I've seen many a Zenith! I like the front escutcheon.