View Full Version : Picked up a 1950 Philco combo.

Eric H
09-10-2016, 07:27 PM
This was on Cl for a while at $40 and I kept procrastinating, mostly because I didn't want to make the 70 mile round trip in my hot old van.

It came down to $30 on Thursday so I gave him a call this morning and went and got it.

It's a very basic Plain Jane combo, and the record changer is missing, I don't really care about that because i was mostly interested in the CRT, and as luck would have it that tests like brand new, it quickly hits 90 out of 100 on my B&K 466. :tresbon:

I'll probably use the tube in a 50T1403 I have, that's one of the Cathedral shaped sets Philco made and much more desirable than a low end console.
I have no room for the console anyhow.

I bought a nearly identical Philco a couple years ago for the same reason but the CRT had leaked to air on that one.

Eric H
09-11-2016, 12:35 AM
Since the seller had demonstrated the radio (Loud and clear!) I wanted to see if I could get anything out of the TV.

Dragged it into the house and powered it up on the variac with an Amp meter, it draws about 1.1 Amps at 110V, pretty normal.

Got sound and can hear the Horizontal oscillator singing, albeit at the wrong frequency, but nothing on screen.

I could see a purple glow inside the 1B3 rectifier so it's generating some HV but swapping in a good 1B3 still gave me zero at the 2nd anode.

The Horiz and Vertical controls are really loose and sloppy, this set probably had sync issues for years that never got fixed.