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07-29-2016, 11:26 PM
I was reminded of a set that I knew many years ago in middle school, and I was wondering if anybody has any idea what set it could be. It was a late 70's, early 80's Sylvania with the newer Sylvania logo. As far as I can remember, it was a standard 19" knob tubed set with AFT on the front and a smoke grey plastic case with woodgrain. I would love to find the set to be able to finally have one. I'd love to see pictures to see if I could identify the set. I also remember that the mask did not "fold" to meet the CRT. It went directly from mask to CRT with no corner in the mask. Just like an 80's RCA.

07-30-2016, 02:48 PM
That sounds a lot like the one that was at my junior high on a cart. I think it had electronic tuning though, I don't recall it having a remote. Most of the time it was in the library but one language arts teacher used to borrow it to show videos on.

07-31-2016, 11:28 PM
Sylvania used that same set up on many models, from the mid '70's until the mid '80's. The cabinet designs didn't change much; but, there were lots of different chassis versions used.

08-03-2016, 01:14 AM
I'd like to see one at least similar to what I remember, but I don't know where to start. I was thinking somebody could post a picture, and we can go from there.

There is another mystery TV from my childhood that I would like to identify. It was either a 1981 or 1983 RCA 19" color table model. Very cheap - it didn't even have dial lights. It was the first TV I ever took apart. I was in 6th grade. If anybody thinks they have anything similar to these two sets, please post pictures.

08-03-2016, 10:00 AM
Can you narrow it down yourself using searches like the following. isch&q=sylvania+tv+1978

When you find a close one, then let us see it and tell us what was different on the one you remember.


08-03-2016, 03:00 PM
I've searched everything I can think of, and I can't cone up with anything remotely similar to the RCA or the Sylvania.

08-03-2016, 09:26 PM
19 inch set from the late 70s to the mid 80s.vhf/uhf knobs,woorgrain cabinet ad a door that fols down for controls.simple design but very good performing sets.always the lowest priced with the best picture