View Full Version : sylvania?

04-24-2016, 09:26 PM
Could this be real?
Is it a known set?

04-24-2016, 09:31 PM
Pretty sure it has been "upcycled" with a cheap flat-panel set...

04-24-2016, 11:56 PM
My grandmother had a HaloLight exactly like that one and it was black & white.
The TV shown in that image also has two slide control knobs missing... left side was on-off, right side was the ratcheting VHF channel control.

David Roper
04-25-2016, 03:07 AM
Real Sylvania color sets of the 50s have a double-D mask with slightly blunted corners, but they are still just as plainly roundies as this set is (or was) plainly rectangular. Also, even though their color sets' masks were bright white, none were Halolight sets.

04-25-2016, 07:38 AM
Justin does his conversions with BPC CRT set guts. Scroll down his page to see some of his other conversions.