View Full Version : 65 maggie revisit

03-23-2016, 01:21 PM
ok so i decided to revisit the thread on page 8 65 magggie because i will be trying another power resistor. there was debate on if the right resistor was in it or not. chassis being a 41 or 45 so back when i paralled a resistor to lower the 1250 which tested 1398 IIRC to i think 1138 and voltages came up where the problem was low voltage at the audio tube. i am wondering if i use a 1000 ohm rather then a 1100 ohm if it would make much difference or be to much. it is working with the 1138 change but i want to use a 1000 ohm 20 watt in its place. the whole thread was about low brightness and related voltages around a dark screen and after lowering the ohms on that power resistor the voltages came up where they should be and the screen brightened up. so now i want to get rid of the temporary resistor with the paralled resistor and just use the 1k 20watt resistor and hope to call it done again, if its not going to be to much and after all between the 20% or so built in the set and a power resistor that gets really hot the ohms tend to rise the hotter it gets. :scratch2: