View Full Version : 1969 house comes with a nice Zenith

03-01-2016, 01:37 PM
Neat "time capsule" home decor here:

I'm sure most of you could identify the Zenith CC tabletop in these pictures: (To my eyes, the screen image looks simulated)

03-01-2016, 02:36 PM
All original 1969 home and yet they ruin it with a 1.28 GPF toilet. Shameful. California law.

03-01-2016, 02:41 PM
Too gaudy, even by California standards... :D

03-01-2016, 02:50 PM
The television looks to me like a Zenith Space Command table set with electronic tuning. I like how it was built into an enclosure; however, I wonder about ventilation, as there doesn't seem to be too much open space around the set, and possibly next to none in the back unless there is some space between the set and the window behind it. If this is in fact how the set is mounted, I am amazed it lasted 47 years without problems, unless the built-in installation is fairly new.

I'm not sure by any means if the picture on the screen of this TV is simulated or not. It could be, or else it might be a closed-circuit transmission or an image from a DVD player or VCR--or even a cable box. :scratch2: Difficult to tell from just one image. I would have to see the installation in person to know for certain what the signal source is. If it is a DVD or VCR, however, the owner sure did a good job hiding the source device.

BTW, I agree with WA2ISE that the decor of the house looks too gaudy, but I guess that's how they decorate houses in southern California today, or did in the 1960s. I've never lived there or been there in my life, but I certainly respect their choice of furnishings and room decor. My tastes run a lot more toward soft colors and real wood furniture, rather than gaudy, loud colors and plastic everything.

I grew up in a house that was even more of a time capsule than was the California residence we are discussing. I lived there until I was 42 years old (very long story and OT), and had to put up with worn-out 1950s-era carpeting, worn-out original linoleum in the kitchen and other things that all but screamed 1950s (again, long story and OT). I enjoyed growing up in the Cleveland suburb where I lived as a child, teenager and young man, but the house was so far out of date and in such bad shape I was glad to leave there in '99 and move to the apartment I live in today. This apartment building was constructed in the early to mid 1900s, but it has been well-maintained and updated as necessary; needless to say (and as I told my landlord), I am proud to be living here and I plan to stay as long as I possibly can.

03-01-2016, 04:29 PM
Not exactly the log cabin I dream about so I will pass.
Agree on the crapper too. There is a black market around
here for old toilets & anything not energy star. Just
plane last longer & run better.

Set looks like a first gen K line system 3 about 78-79.

73 Zeno:smoke:

03-01-2016, 05:46 PM
I see a few other things that are later. I don't think the home in 1969 would have those ceiling fans, and the audio speakers on the wall above the sofa look quite late 1970's, and much later, if they are part of a surround sound for TV.

Electronic M
03-02-2016, 02:02 PM
I think that Zenith is a varactor tuned CCII metal cabinet table model. I believe varactor tuning was introduced in Zenith's product line around 1972 (I have a D line varactor tuned set). That set appears to be later than 1972 (since it is similar, but slightly different than my D line's tuner), but is probably older than 1976 (since my 1976 varactor tuned set has a tuning knob with a single channel window).

Jon A.
03-02-2016, 02:22 PM
Either Tom could be right. I've seen CCII and early Sys 3 sets with vertical varactor tuner.

As for the house, far too ritzy for my liking. Also, such kitsch would look out of place in a mansion from any decade.

03-03-2016, 01:32 PM
Enlarging the picture, it looks like the line below "Zenith" is longer (probably says "Solid State = Chromacolor II." That leads me to believe this is a CCII set from the '76-'79 period and probably has the Zoom feature.

03-03-2016, 01:56 PM
Too gaudy, even by California standards... :D

It looks like a shack that Liberace would live in. YUCH. :thumbsdn:

03-03-2016, 05:55 PM
That house is a real curiosity, but proof that not everything was good back then...

Jon A.
03-03-2016, 07:00 PM
It looks like a shack that Liberace would live in. YUCH. :thumbsdn:
Nah, not gaudy enough for him. Elton John maybe...

Whoever owned that was always someone's fool.