View Full Version : Sony KV-HR36M31 Geometry Adjustment?

02-22-2016, 09:43 PM
This Sony KV-HR36M31 came my way recently. I've been out of the TV game for a while for various reasons, but as this was one of those sets I always wanted back in the day I couldn't turn it down. Luckily it was even dropped off and was waiting for me on a trolley as I couldn't have moved it any other way.

This was the highest end Sony sold in Australia as far as I know. It does up to 1080i over component video, but it has no DVI or HDMI inputs, nor does it have an inbuilt digital tuner. It sold for $4999 back in 2003, so I doubt many were sold.

Finally seeing one in the flesh after all these years, they picture isn't quite as good as I'd hoped. The geometry in particular seems quite a bit out. I recall this being an issue with other 16:9 CRT sets and remember at least some of them having at least some degree of adjustment, but I haven't found anything in the user menus.

Anyone know if there are adjustments in the service menu? or is physically moving the yoke my only option. I guess it could have shifted due to some rough handling.

02-22-2016, 10:27 PM
If I remember right with Sony monitors of that era, there was definitely a "tilt" adjustment in a menu on some of their CRT sets. Other than the lack of a DVI input, that set seems very similar to the American KV-34XBR910 set, so maybe if you find that set's menu access procedure, it will work on your set, too.

02-24-2016, 12:46 PM
I think the equivalent US model with digital tuner and HDMI input was the KD-34XBR960. According to the user manual you can go to the Setup section and there is a tilt adjustment there. See pages 89-90 of the user manual.

I do not see any service menu adjustments for tilt. But the service manual contains all the procedures for getting the picture set up, starting on page 34.

The service menu procedure is on page 48, it starts with the standard Sony Display, 5, Vol+, Power.

I tried to share the manuals via scribd but they got pulled for copyright (no surprise).