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02-12-2016, 04:57 PM
I see that I joined VK in November of 2013 and last logged on in March of 2015. TV is the next great frontier for me, hobby-wise. I have tinkered with radio and that for the better part of 40 years. I am fortunate to have had two "Elmers" to help guide me over the years. Unfortunately, neither would touch TV with a ten foot pole. That nasty high voltage and all!

I was in the auto restoration business for several years before I retired. My next adventure is to learn my way thru TV repair. I have been reading on here for an hour each evening for almost two years faithfully. You guys and the guys who restore combines go thru more to get something going than we would ever dream of in the auto restoration business. It is lots easier to get a 1960 Buick to run than a 1960 RCA color TV. I admire your abilities and tenacity.

I recently bought a little Admiral "Playmate" portable B&W TV at an auction for $3. Not much to lose if I mess something up with that. If I can wade thru that successfully, my next project is a Magnavox TV in a Stereo Theater, then, lastly a nice Zenith or RCA rectangular CRT Color set from the late 1960's, if I can find a nice one.

I look forward to participating more on here once I start my little Admiral project. It works, but is full of paper caps that I need to replace, mostly for practice. Let's hope that works out well.

I have an RCA XL-100 console TV from 1971 that I bought new and that still works. I run a 1992 RCA 32" Home Theater console that we gave almost $1200 for new and a 36" RCA Home Theater from 1996 still working in the family room. None of these have needed anything since they were new besides dusting.

02-21-2016, 06:51 PM
welcome aboard !
For your Zenith 19" may I recommend a 4 tube hybrid.
Millions were built & they are very easy to deal with. A
better one will have a chromacolor CRT & give a great pix.
They were made from abt 1972-1976 ( B-F line sets).
They were made in 19,23 & 25" sets. Solid state sets
from Zenith of the same era are also great to restore.
Came in 17, 19, 23 & 25". The 17" is my favorite.
Easy to find parts & its rare to find one with a bad CRT.
The design of all these sets are similar & easy to learn
how they work.