View Full Version : 1996 rca ctc197cd 36 inch

02-06-2016, 12:02 PM
ok so i have this ctc197cd 36 inch color it works like a HD tv. its been known for flybacks and this one is on its number 5 fly. but when first turned on as the pic appears its got smearing on the edges of the images which go away quickly but its also got what looks like interference lines flickering from left to right but when on for alittle while it stops. also the brightness seems to flicker from ok to really bright. so i took it apart and im going to change the fly and check for lowered value electrolytics, afterall its going on 20 years old. so i was wondering if there is anyone that knows these sets or what may give the smearing and or the flickering lines, seems like horizontal may be flickering. all i have to go on so far is caps going bad other then that the set works like new so if i can keep it going as long as the crt is like new that would be great, unless someone knows otherwise based on what they may have encountered with one of these sets. i could not even post a pic of the lines because it wont show up they are to fast flickering and thin. :scratch2: