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01-13-2016, 07:49 PM
I got the Apple-TV for Christmas for the purpose of playing Youtube through my phone into the TV. I ordered an HDMI to three RCA-cable about a month ago, and it finally came. But now, with the Apple-TV plugged in, the extrernal RF-modulator won't even come on. Please help. I'd hate to know this thing cost so much and I can't even use it.

PS - a phlat skreen TV is absolutely NOT an option. If it can't be used with my CRT-television, I'll just get rid of it.

01-13-2016, 09:09 PM
You need to provide conversion from the digital signals that the apple tv generates to analog signals that your rf modulator requires. A simple cable will not do that... you need a digital to analog convertor box.


example on youtube:


01-13-2016, 09:34 PM
You mean like this? (

01-13-2016, 10:09 PM
Or like this.

01-14-2016, 11:17 AM
Yes, an active converter such as the two listed above is required.

I'm a bit curious about the cable you got, though. Where did you buy it? I can't think of any application in which such a cable could be used and I wonder if it is a scam. Somebody please enlighten me if there is a use for a straight cable like that without active devices in between.

01-14-2016, 11:50 AM
Similar cable is sold on Amazon. It appears that there are *some* legitimate uses, but from the large number of "it doesn't work" complaints, it appears that many expected too much from a simple cable.

Much discussion in the revews section.

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01-14-2016, 12:18 PM
Note:It need a digital to analog converter before they can work,so you should have a signal converter box to use this cable.If your PS4 has HDMI port,you can use this product,if not,please do not buy it.

I guess people should read the fine print. Hey I have my crt sets but last week I bought a visio 1080 flat screen from the thrift store in town. The picture on it from my blue ray player is great. I want to save my zenith 27" hd crt set it is the last zenith built set before lg takes over and it has a fantastic picture on it. a new set is what around 150 bucks a converter is 40 shipped. all in all I think you find that the apple tv might not look as good as you think it will, sometimes old tech and new tech don't mix well these days.

01-14-2016, 03:19 PM
Here ( is the cable.

01-14-2016, 03:49 PM
Scam. They aren't even consistent in the product description. I'd shop with more reputable sellers in the future.

Electronic M
01-14-2016, 06:50 PM
If it was not for that non-standard PlayStation4 use (probably the only device they would work with) I'd say that those cables are COMPLETE SCAMS.....I'm amazed you bought one...If you know anything about HDMI you'd know there are no analog signals out an HDMI port, and that such cables can't physically do what they claim.

01-14-2016, 09:37 PM
My electronic knowledge drops off a cliff when it comes to this modern crap. You should see me try to work a PC.........