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11-17-2015, 03:15 PM
I was just handed this 1973 Sony Trinitron by a friend who has been cleaning out his parent's house after 40 years.:sigh:

He has given me everything consumer electronics he found so far. But like this Sony, I clean and return the real treasures like a Zenith Royal 7000, Channel Master, Sanyo-built aircraft-marine oversized pocket radio and GE plastic tubed AA4 as they are simply worthy of keeping.

I have a working Sony KV-1210 trinitron for years already but this one may be different and I lack a schematic in case things get serious. What can I expect as I seek to restore this for him?:scratch2:

11-17-2015, 07:59 PM
I think it's the same as the KV-1210, but adds AFT and auto color.

11-18-2015, 08:50 AM
I think it's the same as the KV-1210, but adds AFT and auto color.
Yes, it appears the same otherwise and it also has lighted channel indicators, orange neon like a Sylvania would.

In the 30+ years of having the KV1210, its only taken occasional replacement of capacitors, transistors and diodes. I initially had to buy and install a new CRT for it, that was about $100 dealer cost in 1983.

:thmbsp:Just for fun I plugged it in this morning and it came right on, normal slight-green tinted snow and healthy audio noise, with the usual dirty control issues of course. I got a good picture after connecting a converter box and adjustment of color controls, it looks like the CRT is GOOD!

Post next will be a picture.188883