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03-21-2015, 11:27 PM
Good evening ladies and germs!
Ok, ok, I will "watch it" from this point forward. My innapropriate attempts at humor got me into alot of trouble here years ago and while I hope to be forgiven I respect that some simply have niether the time nor interest to consider such. Nonetheless, I must give an Explanation before my offer to buy anything and rejoin this great bunch of men. I have been down a hundred miles of hard road and paid dearly for my mistakes. Now, I try my best to do all possible To "make up" to anybody I offended. I'll try to keep this short, I can go on too long at times. I try to mean what I say as well as say what I mean as I am not into the typical "Games People Play" I do love that song by both Joe South and Conway Twitty.
About ten years ago I had a bad physical injury and made the wrong choice to accept my doctor's order of the wrong pills for pain relief. They brought on great mental injury and I proceeded too often to make a complete jacka_s out of myself (please pardon my French). I have been off them for about five years and I genuinely care about every mistake I made.
A well-intended dear friend was in charge of my storage and I lost posessions that used to make my life complete. If only I had been lucky enough to have kids I likely would not have the mind's time to hurt over the loss. Amoungst those things that kept the memories of loved ones fresh for me(thank goodness my photographs were saved) I lost my priceless to me '72 RCA home entertainment center. The sound made me feel like I was actually in the studio with my favorite artist. Now I hear music on a chinese tablet which almost has me running back to Dr. "Feelgood"! I politely tried my best to ask without begging the storagelords for the name of who bought my things with hopes of giving alot of money to get anything back but they clearly thought I was a nutcase and seemed to care less about thier fellow man's loss. It did in fact feel like the knife was being slowly twisted with pleasure. I have no hard feelings as I remember how Frank Sinatra sounded and what he reminded me of in "That's Life".
So, anybody got a good combo for sale?
Thank you very much, John

03-22-2015, 08:18 AM
So, anybody got a good combo for sale?

You could try placing a WTB ad in the classifieds section.


03-22-2015, 08:33 AM
Adding your location and exactly the style of combo you're looking for can't hurt either :)

03-22-2015, 09:40 AM
Thank you for that advice. I will work on that wanted list/ad. My chinese tablet makes everything i do take a very long time with my pinkies tapping this aggrivating touch pad.
i hope to find my same '72 RCA hec or the equivelant. It was about 7 feet long or close to it and had special enclosed speakers with some type of special magnets and a powerful amp that allowed me to have no distortion at full volume. It's sound was awesome to me. I am open to any brand as long as it has the best speakers and amp for true studio quality sound in a cabinet with remote control TV and record player.
in the near future i will be driving a van from Boca Raton, Fla to New York. So, I will be willing to swing by almost anywhere for the right unit. I will even consider going out west or having it shipped. I once used Craters and Frieghters(I must confirm that company name) to ship a beautiful Motorola console from, I think, Iowa. It was expensive but worth it. They did a perfect job.