View Full Version : Insignia NS-LCD26A - No Pic, No Sound

11-12-2014, 06:27 PM
This unit just decided to stop presenting a picture or sound, one morning. It shows that it has turned on, but it just never starts presenting. Normally, there is a brief period, at power on, where the current condition is manifest, then, after a boot-up or power supply stabilization, or some other, picture and sound are presented. It now does not get to that point.

I know the unit does want to work, since, if I leave it unplugged for a long time, it will wake up once or twice before resuming the error condition. I suspect a POR timing circuit, or a 'lytic cap somewhere, but without a schematic I'm at a loss.

Anyone have experience with this issue, on this (or similar) model? Or, even better, does anyone know where I can get some service data or a schematic/service manual for this unit?

Rich P