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06-14-2014, 07:06 PM
Hey all;

There was a lot of "heat" on the Roku technical staff after they offered YouTube on the Roku-3 last year but not available on the earlier generation ones and to get it working/supported on the these. Well (yeah I know this may be old information) as of 4/22/2014 the channel now works with the Roku 1 and 2's. I played around with it this morning on my Roku -2 XD-HD unit and it works pretty swell (IMHO). To me this is the single best advancement for the product. It's pretty simple to "pair" the PC/tablet/etc device to be the server to the TV/Roku device. It's great to be finally able to see folks' HD videos on the 46" big screen and with big sound; no drops or lags in the video streams witnessed and seen no other issues so far with this YouTube channel on Roku. To me the Roku-2-XD was the best $50 I spent for home entertainment ~~ 3 years ago; now with YouTube it's all that much better... Maybe we are getting closer to the death of cable, satellite, over the air DTV and enduring the relentless commercials thereof?

Example video:

Example video:

Tom (PK)

Jon A.
06-14-2014, 11:48 PM
Lieutenant Commander Data did state the year of the death of TV, but I forgot it. Most of my time in the future was spent around Scotty, didn't pick up much from Data.