View Full Version : TV swap meet in Milwaukee July 20, 2014

05-02-2014, 11:22 AM
Please accept my apologies for crossposting this to several of the TV forums here. There doesn't seem to be any particular place here on VK to announce this where it will be seen by all the TV collectors.

The Wisconsin Antique Radio Club Inc. would like to invite all television collectors to our swap meet on July 20, 2014.

Many members of our club also have an interest in TVs and related items, and we are aware there is a large concentration of vintage TV collectors in the Wisconsin and Northern Illinois area. We would like to have them join us in a combined Radio & Television swap meet. We will urge our club members to bring their TV related items to this meet, and hope that the invited TV collectors that attend will bring their goodies up for sale or trade. There is really only one TV swap that I know of, the one at the Early Television Museum Convention in May. This will be a second opportunity for those who perhaps couldn't attend the ETF meet, or found it too far to travel with items to swap.

To make this a success (and perhaps an annual special event) we need you folks to bring your TV items along to sell at this meet. It won't be a success if everyone shows up to buy, and no one brings anything to sell. Also be aware that you should make sure you have room to haul home some of the items you may find here. Too often I've heard "I'd sure like to buy this, but it won't fit in the trunk of my car".

I myself will be bringing at least 15 televisions along to sell, along with many other TV items including empty Admiral Bakelite cabinets (console & table model) and various parts and test equipment.

Anyone interested, please post here and encourage others to attend. Carpool if you have to. We would be glad to see you here.

A little bit about our club and swap meets... Our meet is held right next to the Milwaukee Airport, very easy to find and access. You can find club info at and on our Facebook page . There is a nominal $10 selling fee at this swap to non-club members. The July meet is normally held outside with unlimited space for everyone. However if the weather is not cooperating with an outdoor event, there is only a limited amount of space indoors to set up, so watch the weather and hope for sunshine.

Any questions? Post them here, I'll be glad to respond.