View Full Version : What is a SonyBP-81 battery pack?

12-07-2013, 02:56 PM
Just got a Kv8100 Trinitron. Is the 24v pack designed to clip to bottom as in my 5100 or is it internal or shoulder pack. I have not actually received set yet. Is there internal compartment like a 5300?

12-08-2013, 11:53 AM
I have a KV-8100, and I don't remember seeing any clips or ways to mount a pack on it. I know there's no internal compartment. The KV-8000 had a clip-on bottom pack, and it was kind of a joke with regard to the run time. About 20 minutes max, if I'm correct. And it about doubled the weight! I don't think Sony pushed battery power for color sets bigger than 5" by the 80s, when the 8100 was out. The KV-5200 of course had an internal pack of D cells, but it was very short-run time too. Long story short; I would assume the BP-81 is a shoulder pack.


12-10-2013, 01:03 AM
Charles- I got the 8100. Absolutely very good picture. At least to my middle age eyes. Heavier then I thought it would be. Can't believe Sony still used lame EAC-4 ant. connector. If you need to get around this let me know. I've got a couple spare 1/8" phono to f conn. fem. adapter plugs. If you have user manual could you send me a copy please. The only reason I though maybe it was a clip on pack is that it is 24 v like the 5100. I have searched everywhere and can't find anyone who has seen a bp81. If you need help on the 5200 BP, let me know. I have rebuilt a pack using orig. Sla cells that are still around. Thet actually are X size Hawker Cyclon sealed lead acid 2 volt x 6. 4 cells side by side and 2 end to end with fuse. If you have old pack and don't want to reuse I will buy pack off of you for parts. X size is slightly larger then d with lugs on top. Thanks for your help. I bet Sony didn't sell harpy any 81's. If you had battery and tv to carry, it would not be too portable. All I seen on specs is 7 watt rating at 24 v typical. Almost like the 4 6 v sla gel packs in 5100

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