View Full Version : 1956 RCA TV 21-D-647 looking for new home

10-05-2013, 03:23 PM
I just joined after doing some internet searching on Vintage TV's and I think this is the right site for me. I rescued a 1956 RCA TV 21-D-647 from the side of the road years ago. Never really had intentions of using it, but it was too pretty to toss and my hobby repair time is near zero these days. Please help me find a loving home for this TV. Any reasonable donation accepted.

Vintage 1956 RCA TV 21-D-647
Excellent Cabinet in great shape
All original, all tubes work, slight raster
Easy restoration or use as is for decorative furniture
1956 - (21D647) - 21" console w/short legs, wood (maple), "Chalfont",

More pictures available if needed. Located on Long Island exit 61 for you to come and pickup. It comes with an extra chassis and tube that came from a color conversion of a similar model with a poor condition cabinet. (I now know that this is sacrilegious, sorry). That cabinet is available with a 25" color installation. All trim/glass good condition.

If you know someone interested please forward this message.

10-10-2013, 01:19 PM
That's a fine "deluxe" model, chassis KCS97 in a finish and style I have never seen before.

I have a 24" version 21D662/U that is in the so-common mahogany photo-finish.

Dont' be in a hurry to unload anything. I have little time too, but manage to keep skills sharp by reading this forum and putzing around after everyone goes to bed.
You will get time someday and will not find stuff like this when you want it.