View Full Version : Renewed member back with improved spirit and internet etiquette.

09-27-2013, 09:22 PM
Hello everybody,
I have been down 500 miles of hard road but have recovered and hope to again enjoy this great place and help anybody if I can. I have learned how to communicate better on the internet. I tried to be funny in the past and have come to realize I failed and now will be more careful in what I write. It is so easy to be misunderstood.

I do not have the knowledge many others have but am very capable to achieve top notch service of all sorts. As a boy I had the good fortune to be the helper of a great TV serviceman and later became one. I miss meeting the wonderful people. This place is my favorite internet spot.

I will likely be taking a 1976 Magnavox home entertainment center from a friend but I still hope to find the sets I had. Through a series of mishaps I lost track of three sets that I hope to find and repurchase. A '72 RCA home entertainment center, a 1964 RCA home entertainment center and a 1968 Motorola console color TV. It's a long story but basically mistakes led to my losing them. If anybody helps me find them I will certainly make it worthwhile for all.

I live in south Florida and am usually available if you ever need anything.


Sandy G
09-27-2013, 09:25 PM
Welcome Back ! Missed ya...