View Full Version : AK defector FAB1 = ChaosTV

06-25-2012, 04:15 PM
Well no not really - I will try post in both forums as possible.

In a former life I was a Community TV /Cable Access junkie, ChaosTV was the name of one of my excruciatingly long 1 hour Monday nite "live" productions on the 13 week chain gang (give us program or else...curtains for you!).

Yes, it was Back in the day Mastering on Sony Umatic 60's, and S-VHS was that "new thang" -- now I've dated myself!

Via the VK classifieds I will likely try to unload some of my accumulation of pre-1990 professional and consumer video gear, at least the stuff that doesn't weigh as much as a boat anchor. :thmbsp: