View Full Version : Found Old Friend From The Past

06-06-2004, 01:10 AM
I never thought I would buy any sets from the 70s or later but I couldnt pass this one up. I mostly take interest in 40s-50s stuff. I always have thought everthing else is just junk. Especially solid state stuff. I am 35 and when I was a kid we had an identical set all the way through the 70s. It finally would lightly smoke on ocassion and that freaked my dad out. We took it to the shop and it smoked again. Never quit working though. The set is a hybrid and I think it has those modular circuits in it. I saw this one at the thrift store and couldnt believe it when I saw the bright, sharp picture. I may just make a user out of it. Dads gonna flip when I tell him I drug in a fire hazzard he got rid if 25 years ago......

The set is a Sears Medalist 2
Model# 528.41881201