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  1. Test pattern?
  2. Can someone define a technical term for me?
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  5. 2nd Anode
  6. 2012 ETF Convention
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  8. Heinrich Hertz's Birthday
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  10. Selenium and the photoconductive effect
  11. Why so Big
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  13. Interlacing and channel bandwidth
  14. Interlacing destroys color
  15. Super Hi Vision HD now happening
  16. Rooftop antenna and the works
  17. New antenna wiring
  18. Agile modulator broadcasting
  19. 50 years ago a TV station in Paterson NJ was to be on ch 37
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  21. Analog cable stations broadcast at 10 bit-depth which is a very low grade picture
  22. tv isn't cool...........
  23. old movie channel coming out
  24. Standardisation of video levels and impedances
  25. 4K: the not so distant future of tv
  26. Global 4K TV Shipment To Hit 22 Million Units In 2017
  27. True Videokarma for Cheap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  29. TV stations in Dallas-Fort Worth in 1953
  30. 'Clear TV' I missing something?
  31. Digital channels on analog basic?
  32. Why your next TV must be a 4K
  33. An Adventure in Oscillator Theory
  34. YouTube available on most Roku models now
  35. Finally found a good way to remove letterbox...
  36. Solar gamma ray radiation sun spots affecting DTV reception???
  37. End of Broadcast TV?
  38. Is there anybody on the planet that actually LIKES Charter communications???
  39. Maybe the wrong place to ask--but WHERE did the stations get their 'promo music" from
  40. Farnsworth documentary
  41. Nice performing ATSC/DTV antenna
  42. Winegard antenna amplifier
  43. Antenna Shopping!
  44. Color subcarrier visible in retrace on early TVs
  45. Interference that looks like Macrovision but isn't
  46. Reducing crosstalk on camera signals?
  47. Best ideas for homebrew antennas/locations
  48. Why do BBC shows have 'Producers'??
  49. SUCCESS!!! I have eliminated letterbox!!!
  50. WRAL in NC Lights Up ATSC 3.0 4K Signal
  51. Sportsnet Pushes 4K Broadcasts With Baseball Games in Ultra HD
  52. DTV Box
  53. Pixelation on subchannels
  54. ATSC video in 1GHz+
  55. Could NTSC VIR = PAL
  56. LTE - ATSC interference
  57. Early testing of HD video coding
  58. A TV Collector's Catch 22 (rant)
  59. What IS after ATSC
  60. 1080i vs. 720p
  61. An interesting reading
  62. Injecting an analog CATV channel into a digital/analog hybrid system
  63. Why is ATSC on VHF so damn finicky?